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Sorted is New Zealand’s free independent money guide, run by the Retirement Commission.


  • Special Types of Home Loan Lending

    Alongside the more popular lending types there are also some special types of lending for people in different situations and stages of life.

    • 'Low doc' or 'No doc' mortgages
    • Bridging finance and second mortgages
    • Equity release

  • Types Of Home Loan

    When you're choosing a home loan, there are two big decisions you need to make:

  • How Much Can I Borrow?

    You've probably got a rough idea of the sort of home you'd like, and how much you'll have to borrow to buy it. But will a lender actually lend you this amount? That depends chiefly on two things:

  • Where to get a Mortgage

    There are dozens of companies providing home loans. Choose a lender on the key areas of interest rates, fees and services. Don't be swayed by prize draws or the like. However low fees and a contribution to your legal costs are well worth taking advantage of.

  • Introduction to Mortgages

    You’ll probably look at many places before you find the home you want to buy. It’s a good idea to be just as careful over choosing your mortgage, since the repayments over time (interest and principal), could add up to a lot more than the cost of the home.

  • Guide To Credit Cards

    Credit cards are an easy way to pay for things but they can also be very expensive if you don't pay off the balance in full every month. The longer you leave an unpaid credit card balance the more expensive it gets.


  • Questions For Your Investment Adviser

    Advisers are required to tell you what fees they receive but these don’t cover all the fees associated with a product (such as monitoring, administration and trustee fees). Before you sign anything, make sure you know what fees you’ll pay. An easy way

  • Guide To Understanding Your Investment Options

    Understanding the product range

  • Working Out Your Investment Profile

    Your investment profile will help you work out the type of investment you should consider.


    There are four factors in your investment profile:

  • Paying Your Investment Adviser

    See it in context

    It's important to know how your financial adviser gets paid, and the impact that can have on the advice you're getting.

    Knowing how they're paid helps you see their advice in context.

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