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Ruth Brown

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19 November 2008


Ruth Brown is a professional freelance commercial writer and voice artist as well as a self-confessed cheapskate and keen student of the most efficient use of time and energy


  • Frugal Living Checklist

    Have you really made a commitment to frugal living, or do you just think you have?  See how many of the following strategies you already have in place.

    1. Do you have a budget?  Written down and up to date including all expenses.
    2. Frugal McDougall vs Lavish McTavish

      In a wee Scottish village far, far away, lived two clans – the McDougalls and the McTavishs. This is their story.  Funnily enough, it’s also your story and you get to decide how it ends.  (I feel a parable coming on!)

    3. It’s HOW not WHAT this Mothers Day

      Although the world is “economically-troubled” at the moment, for many of us, there is still not too much that we don’t have or can’t buy if we want.  So when your mother says those annoying words - “I’ve got all I want” - she’s probably telling the truth.   So it’s not WHAT you

    4. The Science of Supermarket Shopping

      Just as supermarkets have a science to the way they set up their displays (in fact, people study it at uni) and just as brands pay big dollars to get their product on the shelf that’s at eye level - there is a science and a strategy you can put into play to save money shopping.

    5. Frugal Fancy Dress

      There’s no doubt fancy dress makes for a great party - there’s nothing quite like the escapism of dressing up and becoming your favourite film star for the night.   However, hiring professional costumes can get mighty expensive.  Here are a couple of costumes that won’t cost a lot!

    6. The Conspiracy of Spending

      When you’re trying to live the frugal life and save money wherever you can – you may feel as though you’re swimming against a very strong tide.  Our whole western society is geared to spend, spend, spend – so is NOT spending right now unpatriotic?

    7. The Uni Student’s Guide to Eating on a Budget

      If anyone knows about stretching a dollar, it’s university students.  If there’s a bargain on food, clothes, entertainment or alcohol – chances are these seasoned penny-pinchers, used to living on a shoestring, can point you in the right direction.

    8. Is it Smarter to Barter?

      Dollars and cents aren’t the only currency.  Long before there was money, there was bartering - the exchange of one service for another.  So if you have a trade or skill, why not use it to achieve your goals?

    9. Energy – Use a Little to Save a Lot

      Do you really know how much electricity your household consumes on any given day?  At any given moment?  Instead of crossing your fingers and waiting for the bill to arrive, why not get technology on your side and put the power to save back in your hands.

    10. Take a Financial Reality Check

      We’re already in April – the year is flying and before you know it will be May.  Almost half the year has disappeared in the blink of an eye.  Has your money done the same thing?  Do you know how much money you have?   Why not take stock now.

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