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Peter Wilson

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17 October 2008


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  • Peter Wilson: MPs Get The Raw End Of The Salary Stick

    MPs have had a torrid time in recent weeks.

  • Peter Wilson: Climate Change Threatens Politicians As Well As The Planet

    Climate change policy can create endangered species, as Kevin Rudd found out. Governments worldwide have grappled with various responses to greenhouse gas emissions and Australia's version of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) wasn't much different to ours.

  • Peter Wilson: Sunlight Is A Good Disinfectant

    One good thing will come from the ministerial spending fiasco, and that is they aren't likely to break the rules again.

  • Peter Wilson - Kiwibank: A Problem The Government Could Have Avoided

    On Friday, June 4, in the electorate of Helensville, Prime Minister John Key was asked whether he could rule out the sale of Kiwibank at any time in the future and he replied: "Under my leadership, yes." Thanks John. That will save a lot of trouble between now and the next election.

  • Peter Wilson: John Key's Assets - How Blind Is The Blind Trust?

    When politicians throw mud, does some of it stick? Or is it counter-productive and do voters treat it with contempt? From the evidence of past mud-slinging, it doesn't pay and it usually ends up all over the throwers.

  • Budget 2010: Now It's Up To Taxpayers

    Post-budget best case scenario for the Government: Most people react responsibly, saving or investing their tax cuts. Inflation rises but far less than Treasury's forecast.

  • Peter Wilson: What Goes Round Comes Round

    So the Brits have landed themselves with a hung parliament. Excellent. Maybe those commentators who heaped derision on New Zealand in 1996 will remember their words. The probably won't, but it's gratifying all the same.

  • Peter Wilson: Law Commission Report Needs A Strong Response

    The Law Commission's report on the sale and supply of liquor is still new in the minds of politicians but so far the response hasn't been encouraging -- apart from a few exceptions, there doesn't seem to be the determination or the will to seriously tackle New Zealand's drinking problem.

  • Peter Wilson: UN Declaration Surrounded By Confusion

    Surprising misconceptions and startling contradictions surround the Government's affirmation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Peter Wilson: Apples And Milk Present The Same Trade Problems

    We've probably got about as much chance of prising open the United States dairy market as selling apples to Australia. And for the same reason -- brute force politics.

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