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Paul Ambrose

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9 June 2008


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  • Should You Buy A Home?

    With house prices what they are, many people are asking the question:  Should I buy now?  Should I buy at all?  

  • How Do I Choose A Mortgage?

    The biggest question most homeowners will face this year is whether to choose a fixed-rate or variable-rate loan. 

  • Guide to Emotion-Free Investing

    Most people assume that when it comes to investing, the best thing to do is take a rational, unbiased point of view that doesn’t take feelings into account whatsoever.  But is this true?  Or are there benefits to giving in to those urges to buy and sell when the logical viewpoint is the opposite

  • A Budget You Can Live With

    For most people, the budget process has always been simple:

    Step 1:  Locate hammer.
    Step 2:  Smash hammer into head until unconscious.
    Step 3:  Wake up and go spend money how you please.

  • How to Save Money And The Environment

    Making a donation to your favourite advocacy group isn't the only way you can help the environment.  In fact, some of the things you can do will actually save you money....

    Your Car

  • Getting A Bargain On Your Savings

  • Guide To The Advantages Of Investing Overseas

    Many New Zealanders feel that they would rather stick close to home and invest in companies based in New Zealand.  Besides, it’s more work to research shares in foreign companies, and don’t you have to pay more taxes on shares held in international companies, anyway?  

  • Cancer Money Profile

  • Capricorn Money Profile

  • Gemini Money Profile

    For Gemini natives, cleverness is the key. Gemini has some very positive qualities that can be used to generate big gains in any number of financial opportunities.

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