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Nicola Graham

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23 May 2008


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  • One Girl's Debt Confession

    I’ve got a nasty secret. One of those kinds that I’ve been silently ignoring hoping it would go away without too much hard work. My nasty secret is debt and unfortunately due to compound interest (ie paying interest on top of interest), it certainly doesn’t go away easily!

  • The Psychology Of Budgeting – aka How To Avoid Spending What You Should Be Saving

    When it comes to paying off debt, setting a budget is the easy part. Sticking to it is what’s challenging. For me, just walking the streets is dangerous. Why? Because it’s sale season!

  • Cutting Costs – How I Halved My Food Bill

    Food prices rose another one percent in May, bringing the total increase to seven percent over the past year. This is bad news for everyone, but it is especially bad news for those already trying to cut back on spending - like me!

  • Top Tips for Making Cost Cutting Easy

    Six weeks ago I embarked on a budget plan to slash my $6000 debt as soon as possible. A budget is a great start to getting rid of debt or to begin saving, however sticking to it can be challenging.

  • How to Minimise Student Loan Debt

    With the exception of a mortgage, a student loan is likely to be the biggest debt you get yourself into during your life. And while it is currently interest free, it is still a big financial burden.

  • How To Get A Better Deal On Bank Fees And Power Charges

    Bills and bank fees are like taxes - we have to pay them whether we want to or not. While we can’t avoid them, we can minimise them and get a better deal. I’ve been looking around to see how I can get the best deal on both my power bill and bank fees.

  • Cutting Costs - Avoiding a Huge Power Bill

    To say things aren’t getting any cheaper would be an understatement. Even so, I was still shocked when I got my power bill. A grand total of $175 for 27 days - for two people!

  • One Girl’s Guide To Get Out Of Debt Quick

    Last week I confessed my debts – at a grand total of around $6000 (and that doesn’t include my student loan….). However confessions are empty without redemption, so, after a weekend of spending (whoops) I’m on a diet – a money diet – to get out of debt quick.

  • Top 7 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

    According to Statistics New Zealand, food prices have risen 6% in the past year and combined with continually increasing fuel prices, I think we are all feeling the effects in our pockets.

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