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Mary Holm

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31 March 2008


Qantas Media Award winner Mary Holm writes a column in the Weekend Herald and another column in the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, Christchurch Press and other papers. She is a part-time senior lecturer in financial literacy at the University of Auckland, and also presents seminars and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

She has written four books about KiwiSaver or personal finance – including "KiwiSaver: How to make it work for you", New Zealand's best-selling book for 10 weeks. She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago).


  • Should I Invest In Capital Gains Tax Exempt Passive Funds?

    I've had a moderate NZ share portfolio for some years. Partly on your advice, I've invested in a passive fund that has earned tax exempt capital gains.

  • Should My Wife And I Join Different KiwiSaver Providers?

    I am in the process of signing up myself, my wife and our three young children into KiwiSaver.

    My question is: would you recommend signing up with different providers (and potentially different fund strategies) to give us further diversification?

  • KiwiSaver: How Does Mortgage Diversion Work?

    I am trying to understand the logic of mortgage diversion.

    I know the rules have been relaxed, so even if I have a revolving credit component of my mortgage I can now divert up to 50 per cent of my contributions, after 12 months in KiwiSaver. But why would I?

  • Govt Guarantee On Deposits: Should I Invest With A Finance Company?

    Given the government guarantee on deposits, am I better to take my money out of a lower interest bank deposit and put it in a higher risk finance company with a higher interest rate now, if that finance company is government guaranteed?

  • How Can I Invest Ethically?

    I own no stocks but would like to know if it is possible to invest "ethically" (for example, no armaments companies or greedy pharmaceuticals) - whether through KiwiSaver or elsewhere.

  • If I Lived In A House Before Renting It Out, Is My Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible?

    Due to change in circumstances I've decided to rent my home.  The house has a mortage and I've heard mixed messages on whether the interest on that loan will be tax deductible when I rent out the property.

    What's your understanding?

  • KiwiSaver: Particularly Good For People Approaching Retirement?

    As a chartered accountant/financial analyst I have done some analysis and came to the conclusion that the older you are the better the deal with KiwiSaver.

  • Can't Afford KiwiSaver Or Saving Elsewhere? You Should Still Join

  • Combining Kids And KiwiSaver

    Every New Zealander under 65 will benefit from joining KiwiSaver, including newborns. But the rules - and how to make the most of them - are different for children, and many readers have questions about that. Here are a couple:

  • Ins And Outs Of The KiwiSaver Tax Credit

    Judging by readers' questions, confusion reigns about the government's KiwiSaver tax credits, which match members' contributions up to $20 a week or $1042.86 a year.

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