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Mary Holm

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31 March 2008


Qantas Media Award winner Mary Holm writes a column in the Weekend Herald and another column in the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, Christchurch Press and other papers. She is a part-time senior lecturer in financial literacy at the University of Auckland, and also presents seminars and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

She has written four books about KiwiSaver or personal finance – including "KiwiSaver: How to make it work for you", New Zealand's best-selling book for 10 weeks. She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago).


  • Should I Invest In A PIE Or Term Deposits?

    Say I have a personal income derived solely from New Zealand share dividends in the $40,000-$70,000 range (gross dividend total). Thirty-three per cent will already have been garnered in the form of imputation credits, so I will have been over-taxed.

  • Should We Pay Off The Mortgage On Our Rental Property?

    We have kept an interest-only mortgage on our rental property on advice we received two years ago that it was better to keep the mortgage on a rental property to gain the tax breaks.

  • Under National's Policy, When Does KiwiSaver Mortgage Diversion Make Sense?

  • How Might The New National Government Change KiwiSaver?

    I am somewhat confused by the National Party's proposed changes to KiwiSaver and how they might impact on me.

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Investing In PIEs?

    What are the pros and cons of this PIE investment opportunity that all the banks are advertising?

  • How Can I Reduce My PAYE Tax?

    I am an average Joe Bloggs on an average middle-class income. Quite frankly I'm tired mentally and physically of working long hours just to keep myself in a job (just above broke).

  • Should I Sell My House?

    My house is my biggest investment and it is my lifelong saving. [Reserve Bank governor] Alan Bollard has said that house prices may fall 13 per cent. Would I be better off renting a house than owning one? Should I cash out and keep the cash in banks and invest in Aussie dollars?

  • KiwiSaver: Should I Withdraw If I Move Overseas?

    I have recently left New Zealand and put about $2000 into KiwiSaver before I left. I was wondering if it was best to leave it in the KiwiSaver account and contribute the minimum amount or whether it is better to pull it out after a year overseas.

  • KiwiSaver: Can Multiple Employers Contribute To My Account And Get Reimbursed?

    You stated an employer could pay up to $1043 into an employee's KiwiSaver account, and be reimbursed by the Government.

  • KiwiSaver: How Can I Get A Contributions Holiday?

    I have been told that to take a KiwiSaver contributions holiday of up to five years I must apply to IRD, and it is not guaranteed that it will accept my application.

    Do I have to plead poverty or is this my right? This will make my decision to join up or not.

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