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Mary Holm

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31 March 2008


Qantas Media Award winner Mary Holm writes a column in the Weekend Herald and another column in the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, Christchurch Press and other papers. She is a part-time senior lecturer in financial literacy at the University of Auckland, and also presents seminars and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

She has written four books about KiwiSaver or personal finance – including "KiwiSaver: How to make it work for you", New Zealand's best-selling book for 10 weeks. She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago).


  • Are Preference Shares A Good Investment?

    When I retired in 2003, I went to the ASB for advice as to what to do with $250,000 proceeds from selling a business. An ASB investment adviser, who was a salaried employee who received incentives according to sales made, recommended ASB preference shares, and that is where I put it.

  • When Can I Expect The Value Of My Preference Shares To Rise?

    I have always considered preference shares had two attributes compared to ordinary shares in that they have more assured dividends and should be less volatile.

  • Should We Wait Before Buying A House?

    My husband and I have saved a $120,000 deposit for a property. My husband is going to be returning to study for the next three years and so we will be a one-income family, on around $110,000.

  • In A "Total Remuneration" Situation, Does Joining KiwiSaver Still Make Sense?

    With the latest changes to KiwiSaver that were implemented on April 1, 2009, I was advised by my employer that all contributions made to KiwiSaver after that date would effectively be paid for by myself.

  • At What Point Does A Stock Trader Need To Pay Tax On Profits?

    I have recently begun participating in the NZ stock exchange as an amateur. We are buying and selling. The aim is not to retain stock unless necessary.

  • Is KiwiSaver For Suckers?

    KiwiSaver ... what a crock. KiwiSaver makes fortunes for other organisations and virtually nothing comes back to you in the end. Don't get suckered in to it.

  • If I Don't Join KiwiSaver, How Much Could I Be Missing Out On?

    I've heard it said "For every month you delay joining KiwiSaver, you could miss out on the equivalent of $700 to spend in retirement."

  • Should I Include KiwiSaver Tax Statement Information In My IR3 Return?

    I received my Tax Summary and IR3 tax form from the IRD and wondered about why they sent it to me, as I've never received one before. I then did a rough calculation according to the guide and I was due a refund (because I was made redundant and unemployed for a few months).

  • Can We Join Both KiwiSaver And The Government's SSRSS Super Scheme?

    My husband is a teacher and is in the Government's SSRSS super scheme. He is with ASB Bank. His contribution is 3 per cent, as is his employer's - the Government.

  • Do Fund Managers Have The Authority To Change Asset Types?

    Do managers of managed funds have the authority/ability to change the asset allocation if the market changes?

    For example, a lot of canny investors retreated to mainly cash late last year and avoided most of the losses that others who stayed in the market suffered.

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