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Mary Holm

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31 March 2008


Qantas Media Award winner Mary Holm writes a column in the Weekend Herald and another column in the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, Christchurch Press and other papers. She is a part-time senior lecturer in financial literacy at the University of Auckland, and also presents seminars and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

She has written four books about KiwiSaver or personal finance – including "KiwiSaver: How to make it work for you", New Zealand's best-selling book for 10 weeks. She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago).


  • I'm Moving Cities - Should I Sell Or Rent?

    I am moving away from Auckland to care for my mother very soon. I own a freehold property in Auckland worth $330,000.
    I am renting it out through an agent, as I would prefer to stay in the housing market. I don't have a need to buy a house to live in where I am going.

  • What Are the Pros And Cons Of Bonds Versus Bank Term Deposits?

    Can you explain for all inexperienced investors the pros and cons of bonds versus bank term deposits?

  • Does It Makes Sense To Wait To Apply For First Home Deposit Assistance?

    I would like to know, if you wait until year 10 (rather than three or five years) in KiwiSaver in order to use the first-home deposit withdrawal, can you take out all that you've put into KiwiSaver for
    those 10 years?

  • What Should I Choose - ANZ Or ING KiwiSaver?

    With the changes to ING over the last few months - it is now 100 per cent owned by ANZ which also owns National Bank - it is interesting to read each of their KiwiSaver investment statements one after the other.

  • Will My Partner And I Qualify For A First Home Deposit Subsidy?

    I've been in KiwiSaver since the beginning. My fiancee just joined last year after obtaining her residency.
    At the moment we don't live together but will do after marriage in December.

  • What Are My Employers Obligations If I'm On A KiwiSaver Contributions Holiday?

    I'm on a contributions holiday on KiwiSaver. I have a big mortgage so I took a holiday after my first year of investing. After a short period of not contributing, I recommenced 2 per cent contributions and luckily so did my employer.

  • Do I Qualify For First-Home Deposit Assistance?

    I bought a rental property four years ago through an LAQC. My trust then bought my own residential home 18 months ago. These are the only two properties I have ever had a connection with.

    I have been contributing to KiwiSaver for nine months.

  • In Trouble With Rental Properties - What To Do?

    I have purchased three rental properties (all in good areas) over the past three years. In each case I put in a 25 per cent cash deposit (saved by working weekends as long as I can remember) and borrowed the balance. The mortgages were amortised over 15 years.

  • Are We Heading Towards A Property Market Meltdown?

    I'm 25, married, earning just over $62,000 a year, living in Auckland. In order for my wife and I to buy a property to live in, I would need a deposit of between $50,000 to $100,000. That alone is no small feat.

  • If I Overestimate My PIR Rate Can The IRD Keep The Overpayment?

    I read in the Herald recently that if I underestimate my PIR tax rate for my KiwiSaver account then I will have to pay more tax, but if I overestimate the rate then it's tough luck and the IRD keeps the overpayment.

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