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Mary Holm

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31 March 2008


Qantas Media Award winner Mary Holm writes a column in the Weekend Herald and another column in the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, Christchurch Press and other papers. She is a part-time senior lecturer in financial literacy at the University of Auckland, and also presents seminars and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

She has written four books about KiwiSaver or personal finance – including "KiwiSaver: How to make it work for you", New Zealand's best-selling book for 10 weeks. She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago).


  • How To Get KiwiSaver First Home Buyer Benefits For Non First Time Buyers?

    Home-buying tests

    I've just separated at age 60. I have a job and will end up with only about $30,000. I have work super and will join KiwiSaver.

  • KiwiSaver: What To Do If My Employer Won't Pay

    I have been contributing to KiwiSaver from its beginning in 2007 and have kept 4 per cent contributions going from my salary each week.

  • Tax Minimisation: What Are My Accountant's Obligations?

    I understood that tax minimisation was one of an accountant's obligations to his client.

  • I'm Becoming Self-Employed: Should I Stay In KiwiSaver?

    My income is partly from employment and partly self-employment. With regard to the former, 4 per cent of my salary is currently paid into a KiwiSaver account. As at the end of this year, I expect to be fully self-employed. Will I need to, at that point, seek a contribution holiday?

  • Should I Stop Contributing To My Pension Fund In Tough Times?

    I am 61 and in a private pension fund. Over the past two years I have lost more than I put in.

    Should I cease my contributions and place those in a savings account till the times get better and then put them back in the pension fund?

  • Time To Move To Australia?

    I wonder if anyone else is facing the same dilemma. I am 31, a technical manager, and earn around $90,000 a year. If I was to move to Australia, my income would be at least $130,000.
    In the past the only reasons I have stayed in New Zealand are:

  • Where Should I Buy An Investment Property?

    It is obvious that we are in the grip of a recession. This creates an opportunity for investors to capitalise on the recession and enter the property market.

  • Unit Trust Is Closing - What Can I Do?

    In 2007, as part of a medium-term strategy for my retirement, I invested a considerable sum with ASB Unit Trusts. The sum invested was spread over the following trusts: Money Market, NZ Fixed Interest, NZ Property, NZ Shares, World Fixed Interest and World Shares.

  • Can A Beneficiary Join KiwiSaver?

    My 45-year-old son has a brain injury. I am 70-plus and hold power of attorney over his affairs. He is on a disability benefit, and probably will be for the remainder of his life.

  • Will Active Or Passive Investment Funds Produce Better Returns?

    My understanding is that over the long term, passive funds do better than the average of active funds. Is that right?

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