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2 April 2008

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  • National Party: Student Loan Policy

    1. Keep Interest-Free Student Loans National will keep interest-free student loans for tertiary students. 2. Establish an Early Repayment Bonus

  • National Party: Trade In Schools Policy

    National will put trades and industry training back into our schools.

    Our initiatives include:

  • National Party: Youth Guarantee Policy

    National will provide a Youth Guarantee – a universal education entitlement for all 16-and 17- year-olds.

    This will allow them to access, free of charge, a programme of educational study towards school-level qualifications.

  • National Party: Literacy and Numeracy

    1. Set National Standards in literacy and numeracy.
    2. Require every primary and intermediate school pupil to be assessed regularly against National Standards.

  • Workers Party List - 2008

    Workers Party1    FRANKS, Don
    2    WHITMORE, Daphna
    3    KELLY, Nick
    4    HOPKINSON, Paul
    5    CLARK, Byron
    6    FREEMANTLE, Jasmine

  • United Future Party List - 2008

    United Future Party1    DUNNE, Peter Francis
    2    TURNER, Judy
    3    KRUM, Denise
    4    REEVES, Graeme
    5    SOLOMON, Pulotu Selio

  • The Republic Of New Zealand Party List - 2008

    Republic of New Zealand Party1    BEVIN, Kerry
    2    GIELEN, Jack
    3    LLEWELL, Dave
    4    DOCHERTY, Brett

  • The Bill And Ben Party List - 2008

    The Bill and Ben Party1    LINEHAN, Jamie (Bill)
    2    BOYCE, Ben (Ben)

  • Residents Action Movement Party List - 2008

    RAM1    WOODS, Oliver
    2    BROOKES, Grant
    3    FOWLER, Roger
    4    BLADE, Elliott
    5    DUCAT, Michelle
    6    KAIPO, Martin

  • New Zealand Pacific Party List - 2008

    New Zealand Pacific Party1    FIELD, Taito Lemalu Phillip
    2    SIILATA, Milo
    3    NGAROI, Matapakia
    4    ROACHE, Aiolupotea John

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