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  • National Party: Economic Management Policy

    First, National will improve productivity across the public sector by ensuring a strong focus on the provision of frontline services.

  • National Party: Super Fund Policy

    • Amend the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001 to allow the Minister of Finance to give a direction to the Guardians of the Fund in relation to the proportion of the fund which is to be allocated to New Zealand.

  • National Party: Tax Policy

    Taxes affect decisions to work, save, spend, or invest, so tax can have a big impact on economic growth and future prosperity.

  • National Party: ACC Policy

    1. Reviewing the Present Scheme

    • Conduct a full stock-take of the various components of the ACC scheme.
    • Evaluate progress to full funding.
    • Identify areas of cross-subsidy or cost-shifting, and underfunding of newly-legislated entitlements.

  • National Party: Medical Student Voluntary Bonding Scheme

    National will introduce a "voluntary bonding" scheme offering student loan debt write-off to graduate doctors, nurses, and midwives agreeing to work in hard-to-staff communities or specialties for three to five years.

  • National Party: Doctor Training

    1. Boosting Medical Students

    National will boost the number of funded medical student places by 200 students over five years. This will increase the total number of funded medical student places from 365 students a year to 565 – a boost of over 50%.

  • National Party: Hospice Care

    Improving Hospice Care

    National will boost funding for hospices by $15 million a year to expand care and services and meet current financial challenges.

  • National Party: Health Funding And Framework

    1. Continuing the Current Health Spending Growth Track

    Continue the growth in health spending set out in the 2008 Pre-Election Fiscal Update. This includes the Government’s indicative spending allocations.

  • National Party: Hospital Waiting Lists

    1. Promoting Clinical Leadership

    • Reduce bureaucracy in health and shift savings to frontline care.

    • Ensure that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have more say in how health services are developed and improved.

  • National Party: Early Childhood Education Policy

    1. Enhancing “20 Hours ECE”

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