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  • Jim Anderton's Progressive Party List - 2008

    Progressive Party1    ANDERTON, Jim
    2    ROBSON, Matt
    3    PAGANI, Josie
    4    GILLON, Paula
    5    CLEARWATER, Phil

  • Digital Advance 40% audience growth confirms media consumption shift

    The “unprecedented” growth in website audiences is evidence that New Zealanders now turn to the Internet before any other medium, says niche online publisher Digital Advance.

  • Digital Advance Marches Forward With New Executive Appointments

    Digital Advance has made two key leadership appointments as it seeks to capitalise on 12 months of tremendous growth. Kirsty Harman joins the team as head of commercial and Simon Randall as head of content.

  • Top 10 Biggest Credit Card Mistakes

    For those of us who have managed to avoid a debtors blacklist, credit cards are indispensible. You think not? When was the last time you bought an airline ticket, hired a car or paid to download music online without one?

  • Core retail electronic card spending up

    The seasonally adjusted value of electronic card transactions in core retail (which excludes the motor vehicle-related industries) increased 0.7 percent in July 2010 compared with June 2010, Statistics New Zealand said today.

  • New Zealand politics news now on

    Guide2Politics is moving to a new home on New Zealand's community newswire,

    Head over to Voxy to follow the political issues of the day and join the debate.

  • Brokerage

    The fee you pay to a broker for buying or selling shares.

    See news stories related to Brokerage.

    See guides related to Brokerage

  • Current Members of Parliament (MPs)

    Information from Links will open on the NZ Parliament website. Adams, Amy National Party, Selwyn

  • Green Party: Health Policy

    1. Public Health and Illness Prevention Programmes aimed at health promotion and preventing illness and injury are an investment in the future health of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Their success will have a major bearing on the level of treatment services that are needed in later years.

  • Labour Party: Sustainable Economy Policy

    A sustainable economy will be built on the following policy foundations:

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