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8 September 2010


Craig is an entrepreneur who dreamed of riches but lived a life of struggle. It turns out being great at what you do isn’t enough to create wealth. Follow him as he changes his life, his business and most importantly…his mindset. Read more of his story at


  • How I gave myself a pay rise

    Even when I started making more money in my business I still found I never had any for myself. I was stuck in the mindset of paying myself a small amount while investing the rest to grow the business. However there were a few problems with that.

  • How I Made Sure I Never Had Any Money

    When I began to make more money I noticed something very interesting in my conditioned beliefs. It seems that over the years I had trained myself to spend everything I earned no matter what my income level.

  • Why Updating Your Net Worth Matters

    I went along to watch Lisa Dudson and Keith Mason speak at a seminar on Saturday and definitely got a lot out of it. One of my insights came from Lisa challenging the audience about who actually knew their current net worth. She estimated only one or two people in the room would.

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