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8 September 2010


Alice was deep in debt, out of control of her spending and feeling "freaked out and stressed" about her finances. While she's chosen to protect her privacy... this is the very real story of Alice taking control of her money worries. Read more of her story at


  • What A Sense Of Relief

    I’m back at home now and I realise that I feel both emotionally and physically exhausted and a huge sense of relief. My emotional reaction is the hard part today. The doing of all the practical numbers stuff makes sense.

  • The terror of now facing my financial state

    This morning I woke early and got out of bed to face the financial music. All week I have been moving between excitement and terror about this first meeting with Lisa and getting down to the detail. I was feeling a bit scared, embarrassed and nervous to be honest.

  • The Before Story – How I Was Feeling

    Until a couple of months ago I was freaked out and stressed about my finances and had been for many years. Check out my background story for the sorry details of why.

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