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How Should I Depreciate Rental Property?

I have also been shown 'the new way' of depreciating rental property - with items such as wiring, plumbing and partitions depreciated faster than the building itself - which gave me misgivings.

What Chattels Can Be Depreciated Separately In A Rental Property?

I wonder if you are aware that Inland Revenue will accept property valuations showing a chattels value as high as one third of the value of an investment property purchase, with the consequent depreciation of these "chattels" at the chattels depreciation rate of 18 per cent.

What Expenses Are Tax Deductible When Purchasing Shares?

I asked the IRD about purchasing shares and what expenses are deductible.

Could I Incur Capital Gains Tax On Share Sales?

My question relates to capital gains tax. My understanding is that someone who buys shares (or any other asset) for long-term investment purposes with the aim to collect dividends (or rent etc) is not subject to paying capital gains tax in NZ.

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