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National Party: Youth Justice Policy


1. Wider Youth Court Jurisdiction

Extend the jurisdiction of the Youth Court so it can deal with 12- and 13-year-olds accused of serious offences.

2. New Powers for the Youth Court

Give the Youth Court the power to issue a new range of compulsory orders. We will back these orders up with funding for the relevant services.

New powers include:

• Parenting orders: Parenting courses to address problems at home that may be contributing to a young person’s offending.

• Mentoring programmes: Providing role models to young offenders for a period of up to 12 months.

• Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes: Designated funding to help get young offenders sober.

3. Tougher Sentences for the Worst Offenders

• Longer residential sentences: Up to six months in a Youth Justice facility.

• Fresh Start Programmes: Revolutionary, year-long, intensive programmes designed to instil discipline and address underlying causes of offending; including up to three months of residential training at, for example, an army facility.

• Spotlight Sentences: Non-compliance with these court-ordered supervision contracts will result in electronic monitoring using an ankle bracelet.

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