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National Party: Victims of Crime Policy


1. Compensating Victims

• Establish a Victim Compensation Scheme (VCS) funded by a levy - envisaged to be $50 - on all offenders at sentencing. The VCS will help victims with one-off expenses not covered by ACC or other state help.

• Redirect any unclaimed money in the Victims Claims Trust Account into the VCS.

2. Improving Services for Victims

• Establish a Victims Services Centre within the Ministry of Justice to co-ordinate agencies that deal with victims and help Victim Support. The Victims Services Centre will administer the VCS.

• Upgrade the Victim Notification Register to better inform and protect victims. This will allow victims to be on an “active” register, which will notify them of developments relating to their case, or on a “silent” register, for those who don’t want further involvement, but which will ensure offenders are not paroled to live nearby.

3. Enhancing Victims’ Rights

Review the Victims’ Rights Act 2002. We want to enhance victims’ rights and access to support services, such as strengthening the ability to make a victim impact statement without censorship.

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