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National Party: Police Tools Policy


1. Introducing Tasers

National will introduce Tasers, subject to a positive evaluation of the Taser trial.

Tasers have been shown to be an effective tool for deterring offenders who would have gone on to harm the public or police.

2. Extending DNA Testing

National will require DNA samples to be taken from all those arrested for offences punishable by imprisonment.

DNA profiling is an invaluable tool for identifying and catching criminals, and for exonerating the innocent.

3. Introducing On-the-Spot Protection Orders

National will give police the ability to issue timebound, on-the-spot protection orders to protect families.

On-the-spot protection orders will provide police with an immediate response to dangerous domestic situations, and ensure that potential victims are protected until courts are able to deal with the matter.

4. Strengthening the Bail Laws

National will strengthen the bail laws by overturning the 2007 amendments to the Bail Act.

Labour has indicated that the law was amended to reduce the prison population. National believes that protecting the public is the most important consideration.

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