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National Party: Maternity Care


1. Boosting the Maternity Care Workforce

• Establish a Voluntary Bonding Scheme that writes off student loan debt for graduate midwives who agree to work in hard-to-staff areas for three to five years. See our Voluntary Bonding Scheme for more details.

• Subsidise retraining and refresher courses for GPs who have a postgraduate Diploma of Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology (or equivalent), and who want to resume providing maternity care.

• Encourage clinical networks across regions to assist in the planning, delivery, and improvement of maternity care.

2. Enhancing Continuity of Care for At-Risk Mothers

• Fund an optional meeting each trimester for atrisk mothers so they can discuss their care plan with their LMC and GP together.

3. Improving Birthing Choice and Confidence

• Work with DHBs to provide greater choice in birthing facilities.

• Ensure mothers have the choice to stay in birthing facilities longer so they can establish breastfeeding and the confidence to return home.

• Boost funding for postnatal care by $11 million a year so new mothers can stay longer in birthing facilities and have better access to breastfeeding support.

4. Boosting Postnatal Support

• Ensure every new mother and baby can have a weekly visit with their LMC or WellChild provider for the first nine weeks of their baby’s life. More visits will provide greater breastfeeding support and boost confidence.

• Fully fund Plunketline to provide a 24-hour service.

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