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National Party: Hospital Waiting Lists


1. Promoting Clinical Leadership

• Reduce bureaucracy in health and shift savings to frontline care.

• Ensure that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have more say in how health services are developed and improved.

• Encourage clinical networks across regions to assist in the planning, delivery and improvement of care. These networks will involve clinicians, non-government organisations, GPs, and patients.

• Expect DHBs to adopt new and innovative ways to improve timeliness and care.

• Hold the chairs of DHBs accountable for improvements in productivity and quality.

2. New Dedicated Elective Surgery Theatres

Build 20 new dedicated elective surgery theatres with associated beds and facilities over the next five years.

We estimate the total capital cost will be about $36 million a year over five years.

3. Training More Surgeons, Nurses, and Anaesthetists

Train 800 extra medical professionals to help staff the new dedicated elective surgery theatres. We estimate this will cost about $20 million a year in the first three years. We will work closely with professional colleges and DHBs to achieve this extra staffing.

4. Smarter Use of Private Hospitals and Primary Care

• Encourage the smarter use of private hospitals to support elective surgery in public hospitals, and reduce waiting lists through longer-term arrangements.

• Encourage GPs with special skills to provide a wider range of minor surgery in their clinics.

• Provide $13 million a year to kick-start the devolution of services to primary care.

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