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National Party: Health Funding And Framework


1. Continuing the Current Health Spending Growth Track

Continue the growth in health spending set out in the 2008 Pre-Election Fiscal Update. This includes the Government’s indicative spending allocations.

2. Less Bureaucracy, More Frontline Care for Patients

Reduce the bureaucracy in health. Savings will be moved to boost frontline care for patients.

3. Giving Doctors and Nurses More Say

Ensure that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have more say in how health services are developed and improved. We will do this by requiring DHBs to involve health professionals in decision-making.

4. DHBs Working Together

• Require the 21 district health boards to work more collaboratively to improve access to services and reduce administrative duplication and waste.

• Not carry out another round of restructuring of the public health system.

5. Care Closer to Home

Devolve more hospital-based services into primarycare settings, providing faster access to more care closer to home. We will do this through delegated funding to PHOs and other health providers.

6. Smarter Use of the Private Sector

Support the smart use of the private sector to increase the number of people getting timely access to vitally needed surgery, and reduce hospital waiting lists.

Note: This is the first in a series of health policy announcements. It sets out our funding intentions and the framework we will introduce to improve performance in the public health system.

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