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Party Policies

Labour Party: Law and Order Policy

Labour is committed to a justice system that is modern, effective, fair and accessible. This will make offenders more accountable, reduce reoffending, help the victims of crime, and in turn, strengthen our communities.

National Party: Police Tools Policy

1. Introducing Tasers National will introduce Tasers, subject to a positive evaluation of the Taser trial. Tasers have been shown to be an effective tool for deterring offenders who would have gone on to harm the public or police.

National Party: Gangs Policy

1. Expanding Police Surveillance Amend the Crimes Act to make it easier for police to conduct surveillance on gang communications. 2. Removing Gang Fortifications

National Party: Victims of Crime Policy

1. Compensating Victims • Establish a Victim Compensation Scheme (VCS) funded by a levy - envisaged to be $50 - on all offenders at sentencing. The VCS will help victims with one-off expenses not covered by ACC or other state help.

National Party: Youth Justice Policy

1. Wider Youth Court Jurisdiction Extend the jurisdiction of the Youth Court so it can deal with 12- and 13-year-olds accused of serious offences. 2. New Powers for the Youth Court

National Party: Parole Policy

1. Repeat Violent Offenders

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