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Labour Party: Law and Order Policy


Labour is committed to a justice system that is modern, effective, fair and accessible. This will make offenders more accountable, reduce reoffending, help the victims of crime, and in turn, strengthen our communities. We’re striving to create a just society that protects the rights of every New Zealander and gives them the opportunity to succeed.


Labour believes substantial investment in our police makes the future safer for all our communities. Having more police on the beat works – numbers increased by 2,500 (or more than a quarter) this decade , and that has led to more crime being solved and lowered our overall crime rate. We are committed to continuing to grow the police to work within and protect our communities.

Victims of crime

Labour is the only party to have passed legislation that enhances the rights of victims in the justice system, and we will make further progress by investing in advocates to help victims through the justice process and by implementing a Charter of Victims’ Rights. We will continue to support victims’ organisations in their work with victims of crime, and make further changes to the justice system to meet their needs and make their voices heard.

Family Violence

Labour believes that no form of violence is acceptable and we will continue to support the work of the Taskforce for Action on Family Violence and their It’s Not OK! campaign. We are committed to providing ongoing support and security of funding for community groups who are at the front line. We will strengthen the Domestic Violent Act to better protect victims and enable police to crack down on perpetrators of domestic violence.


Labour is dedicated to a justice system where offenders are appropriately punished for their crimes, and have an opportunity to make reparations to the community and their victims. Labour has made the law much tougher, longer sentences are being imposed and fewer people are getting bail or parole. Labour will make sentences for gang-related crime tougher and support the recommendations of the Sentencing Council to make sentences more consistent across New Zealand.

Organised crime

We will continue to crack down on gangs to make our society safer and free from intimidation. We will increase prison sentences for belonging to a criminal gang and will boost police surveillance powers over gangs. We are also developing more comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering legislation which will help shut down the funding of gangs, making it harder for them to survive.

Crime Prevention

Labour is committed to a nation where all families, young and old, are safe and secure. By creating a fair and inclusive society, we can reduce crime and the causes of crime. Labour will continue to create jobs and invest in improving education for all people. 130,000 children have been lifted out of poverty over the last nine years and we will continue to support our vulnerable families. It is no coincidence that the crime rate in New Zealand has fallen as unemployment has reached record lows, school achievement for our young people continues to improve, and we have had years of strong economic growth.

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