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Party Policies

Labour Party: Student Allowances Policy

Labour has already announced plans to widen student allowance eligibility in 2009, by raising to $50,000 the parental income threshold where allowance payments begin to reduce, and lowering the age of financial independence from twenty-five to twenty-four.

Labour Party: Training And Apprenticeships Policy

Labour will continue to increase the numbers of modern apprentices and industry trainees so that each year ten per cent of the New Zealand workforce is participating in formal training.

Labour Party: School And Pre-School Policy

The best start for our kids

Labour Party: Tertiary Education Policy

Securing the affordability of tertiary education

National Party: Early Childhood Education Policy

1. Enhancing “20 Hours ECE”

National Party: Student Loan Policy

1. Keep Interest-Free Student Loans National will keep interest-free student loans for tertiary students. 2. Establish an Early Repayment Bonus

National Party: Trade In Schools Policy

National will put trades and industry training back into our schools. Our initiatives include:

National Party: Youth Guarantee Policy

National will provide a Youth Guarantee – a universal education entitlement for all 16-and 17- year-olds. This will allow them to access, free of charge, a programme of educational study towards school-level qualifications.

National Party: Literacy and Numeracy

1. Set National Standards in literacy and numeracy. 2. Require every primary and intermediate school pupil to be assessed regularly against National Standards.

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