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The young and the croaky

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Chris Hipkins
Chris Hipkins

Wellington, July 22 NZPA - Fresh-faced Labour MP Chris Hipkins' voice broke in Parliament today.

The MP, who is aged in his early 30s, had a bad cold and croaked through his questions while getting a ribbing from the National benches.

When it got too much, Speaker Lockwood Smith intervened.

"All of us at times get a frog in our throats and lose our voices. I invite the member to have a drink of water, and I invite members to give him a reasonable chance to ask his question."

Some wag was quick to retort that all MPs had also gone through puberty.

Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee then heavy-handedly tried to argue that because Mr Hipkins was young and suffering a crackly voice, he was wrong.

When another red-headed youngish MP also born in 1978 -- Darren Hughes -- got to his feet the jibes flew again, but he was ready for them.

"I think you've had your day, Gerry" was his response.

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