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Some Quotes From The Election And Its Aftermath

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Fuseworks Media

Auckland, Nov 9 NZPA - Quotes from the election and its aftermath.

* "It's over and out for me," Helen Clark concedes defeat and announces she will be handing over the Labour Party leadership before Christmas.

* "She's had a glittering career for 27 years, nine years as PM, I think the fifth-longest serving PM of New Zealand and I think she's done a remarkable job," National leader John Key praises Miss Clark.

* "There is always a certain time for change...and that took us out with the tide," Miss Clark waves farewell to the Beehive.

* "It may not be quite sure what it has changed to, but it has changed and part of that change has come to us," Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons accepts New Zealand's shift to the right even as her party gains more MPs but is shut out of government.

* "He is a person who was brought up in modest circumstances and a person who is willing to listen," Maori Party president Whatarangi Winiata is hopeful Mr Key will be able to do business with his party.

* "My pledge is that I will lead a government that serves the interests of all New Zealanders," Mr Key on how he sees his future government.

* "This is not the end", NZ First leader Winston Peters on his party being swept out of Parliament.

* "It hurts a bit that we've then been knocked out of the game... so much mud has been thrown at the party without substance," Mr Peters' deputy Peter Brown blames everyone else for the party's defeat.

* "We're committed to a secure and stable government, providing the country with some clarity and a sense of direction," ACT leader Rodney Hide promises to be sensible in government.

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