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Some Of Michael Cullen's Parting Quips

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Michael Cullen. Pic: NZPA
Michael Cullen. Pic: NZPA

Wellington, April 29 NZPA - Some of Michael Cullen's parting quips to Parliament today:

* "It has been said there are two sorts of finance ministers: those who fail and those who get out just in time."

* "I apologise to all those I unfairly or unnecessarily have been harsh to. Note the qualification. And that also applies to those who are not in the Labour Party. Sometimes a quick wit and a quick tongue can move too fast."

* "To those in government, a genuine thank you for the NZPost appointment. When I attacked National last year for swallowing so many dead rats little did I think that some might see me as one of them."

* "To the Greens -- good luck. But loosen up a bit; saving the planet needs to sound less like punishment for our sins if it is going to succeed."

* "The attorney-general does not have to be a lawyer any more than the minister of education has to be a teacher, the minister of health a doctor, or the minister of corrections a convict."

* "Being acting prime minister had its moments of drama as well as opportunities for pratfalls. My best was to refer on radio to the military leader of Fiji as `Barmy Mariner'."

* On national insecurity and self-doubt: "Anyone who visits Australia frequently will know how different the underlying mood is Aussie believes a little ripper is something good. We are just as likely to fear it might be the son of Jack, let in by mistake by Immigration."

About Helen Clark and his wife Anne: "I have gone one better than the old saying about successful men: there's been on good woman behind me but also another in front."

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