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Predictable Reaction To Predictable Productivity Report

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Wellington, Nov 30 NZPA - Reaction to the 2025 Taskforce has predictably fallen along where people stand on the political spectrum.

Following are some quotes that summarise the reaction:

* "You can't make the country richer by making hard-working Kiwis relatively worse off," Labour leader Phil Goff.

* "There are some bold initiatives here which are well worth further consideration, while others are nothing more than Business Roundtable propaganda New Zealanders have long since rejected," United Future leader Peter Dunne.

* "It's like the return of Dracula," Progressive leader Jim Anderton.

* "The proposals in this report do not set out an enlightened path for the future. The National Party side-lined Don Brash in 2005 and this Government would be wise to the same with this report," NZEI national secretary Paul Goulter.

* "The taskforce's report makes it clear where the problems lie and presents solutions. The challenge for the Government is to deliver those solutions. The longer it waits, the more opportunities we lose and the harder it gets to achieve the standard of living New Zealander's aspire to," ACT leader Rodney Hide. * "It's a recipe for inequality, and inequality is bad for the economy," Green co-leader Russel Norman. * "I am sure many of our whanau will welcome the opportunity to earn more money without moving away from home but the question we will be asking is `do they have to lose an arm, a leg, their language, culture and identity to get that?" Maori Party MP Rahui Katene. * "It's a good start," ACT's finance spokesman Roger Douglas.

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