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Parliamentary Office Reshuffle Takes Place This Weekend

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Fuseworks Media

Wellington, Nov 20 NZPA - The parliamentary office reshuffle is set to take place this weekend with the haggling over space almost complete.

The re-election of Labour for three consecutive terms means that this is the first time since 1999 that a wholesale re-organisation of the parliamentary complex has been necessary.

The hardest move of all is for former Labour ministers who will trudge across to the third and second floors of the old Parliament Building where they will be joined by their backbench colleagues.

Progressive leader Jim Anderton will also hold an office on the third floor with Labour leader Phil Goff and his deputy Annette King.

National backbenchers will be mainly across the road from the Beehive in Bowen House, though a few will be on the first floor of Parliament, where the Maori Party used to be.

The Maori Party in turn moves to the seventh and eighth floors of Bowen House.

The Greens may have been shut out of government, but they move up from the eighth floor of Bowen House and expand into the 13th and 14th floors.

ACT expand to push Peter Dunne off the 11th floor with leader Rodney Hide moving into Mr Dunne's old ministerial office and his fellow minister Heather Roy moving into Mr Hide's.

Mr Dunne, who was the only MP to come back for his party, moves up to the 19th floor.

National backbenchers will be mainly in Bowen House with some of them occupying the 15th and 16 floors once haunted by New Zealand First before it was literally chucked out of office.

The happiest movers of all are the National MPs elevated to ministerial status.

John Key replaces Helen Clark on the ninth floor with the ministers filling up from the seventh floor downwards usually in order of seniority, though a few are still being found places over in Bowen House.

Government changeovers are a difficult time for the staff of losing parties.

All fixed contract staff in the Beehive were officially given notice on Monday, some are renegotiating to fill much a much reduced number of staff places, but others are looking for work.

Among those making the transition from Government to Opposition is Miss Clark's press secretary Gordon Jon Thompson, who is to undertake a similar role for Mr Goff.

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