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Needs To Be Way To Clarify Referenda Questions - Key

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
John Key
John Key

Wellington, June 22 NZPA - There needs to be a process for referenda questions to be altered so they are more clearly worded, Prime Minister John Key says.

The debate was reignited after the introduction of the so-called smacking referendum.

The citizen-initiated non-binding referendum asks: "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

Mr Key and Labour leader Phil Goff have both criticised the wording as open to interpretation in different ways.

Mr Key today said the Government was look at the "possibility" of changing the rules and would consider adopting Green MP Sue Bradford's member's bill on the issue.

"$9 million is being spent on a referendum where the question is so confusing that if you want to vote yes you actually vote no," he told NewstalkZB.

While people were entitled to have citizen-initiated referenda the questions needed to be clear, he said.

Citizen-initiated referenda were not binding because it "depends on the question", Mr Key said.

"What happens if the referendum is `we should sell the South Island? I do think politicians should observe what's happening in referenda."

The current referendum "can send a message", but politicians were resolved to change the law only if it was not working , Mr Key said.

Lobby group Family First today launch a "VoteNo" campaign on the referendum.

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