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MP Mallard Gets The Motor Lodge Message

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Trevor Mallard. Pic: NZPA
Trevor Mallard. Pic: NZPA

Wellington, April 21 NZPA - Labour MP Trevor Mallard did his best to book into a Palmerston North motor lodge tonight but found out its ban on anyone from Wainuiomata extends to the nation's elected representatives.

Steve Donnelly, the Australian owner of the Supreme Motor Lodge, has slapped a blanket ban on the Wellington suburb's 16,000 residents after a series of misdemeanours by visiting sports teams.

They're more trouble than they're worth, he says.

Mr Mallard was born and bred in Wainuiomata -- and it's in his Hutt South electorate.

Watched by TV One's CloseUp cameras, he advanced to the lodge's reception tonight and couldn't get in.

"The door's locked and the receptionist is moving away," Mr Mallard reported. "A gentleman is coming to the door...he looks grumpy."

It wasn't the Aussie owner who emerged but a large Scot who seemed to have authority over who could come in.

"As a Scotsman I don't have a vote, it doesn't matter to me, you're banned," he told the MP.

"Would you like me to write you a trespass note?"

Mr Mallard said he would, but he didn't get one.

What he did get was some more aggro from the unidentified Scotsman: "You're on my property, I've asked you to remove yourself."

Not wanting to break the law, Mr Mallard politely retreated.

"This guy doesn't like people from Wainouimata," he observed from the street outside.

"And I do get anxious about big people getting close to me after a previous experience."

That was apparently a reference to his punchup in Parliament with Tau Henare.

He did get a jab in, saying the Scotsman didn't seem to have been on the Kiwihost course but he didn't think it would matter.

"It doesn't seem to be the high end level of hospitality we would expect overseas visitors to go for."

Sports teams from Wainuiomata High School and the town's indoor sports club have been accused of spitting, playing loud music, using obscene language and unruly behaviour.

High School principal Rob Mill says aggressive management was to blame.

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