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Main Points Of Agreement Between Government And Maori Party

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Wellington, Nov 23 NZPA - Main points of the agreed measures to meet the concerns of the Maori Party over the emissions trading scheme (ETS) legislation:

* An extra $24 million will be invested in the home insulation scheme, targeted exclusively at low income families. This will bring an additional 8000 houses into the scheme;

* A clause will be inserted in the bill recognising the Treaty of Waitangi. It will set out "ongoing decisions" on which there must be consultation;

* It has been agreed that a solution is needed to resolve issues raised by Ngai Tahu over the likely impact of an ETS on the iwi's treaty settlement and pre-1990 forest land. Agreement in principle has been reached on a contract for a comparable area of Crown land, which will avoid litigation.

* Advisers from the Iwi Leadership Group will have input "at the highest level" on international negotiations;

* Further work will be undertaken to develop contracts for forest projects on Crown land through partnerships. Such agreements will not be preferential or exclude other parties;

* A review of schemes to encourage tree planting on poor quality land; and

* The Government has agreed to consult with the Maori Party on other climate changes measures that will contribute to New Zealand moving to a lower carbon economy.

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