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Law Change Required To Stop Fijian Official Getting Into NZ: Key

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John Key
John Key

Wellington, June 2 NZPA - Preventing a senior member of Fiji's interim regime who already has New Zealand residency coming here would require a law change and is unlikely, Prime Minister John Key says. Reserve Bank Governor Sada Reddy was appointed Fiji's Reserve Bank Governor earlier this year. He replaced Savenuca Narube, who was removed from office.

The New Zealand Herald said today Mr Reddy was believed to be in New Zealand qualifying for a permanent residency visa under which he would be able to come and go at will, despite travel sanctions,

New Zealand implemented travel restrictions against members of the Fiji regime following the December 2006 coup.

However, Mr Reddy already had New Zealand residency and, short of changing the law, nothing could be done, Mr Key said today.

He said Mr Reddy's presence in New Zealand "to a certain extent" made a mockery of New Zealand's sanctions.

"It's a regrettable situation. For us to resolve that stop anyone associated with the regime coming to New Zealand, we would need to change our laws."

It would essentially mean revoking people's New Zealand citizenship and would be meet with opposition, Mr Key said.

The Government reserved the right to change laws but had no plans to do so, he said.

Australia can revoke residency if a person's actions are contrary to foreign policy interests.

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