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Key Says Tax Ads Were Cheap Compared With Labour's

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
John Key
John Key

Wellington, March 31 NZPA - Labour has attacked the Government for advertising the $10-a-week independent earner tax credit which starts tomorrow but Prime Minister John Key says it was cheap compared with Labour's taxpayer-funded messages while it was in power.

Labour's deputy leader, Annette King, took on Mr Key in Parliament today saying that when National was in opposition it described all government advertising campaigns as political propaganda.

"But the first opportunity they get to dip their paws into the public purse, they do it," she said.

"They're running very large advertisements in daily papers about the new independent earner tax credit."

Ms King said the ads appeared to encourage readers into thinking most of them would be entitled to the tax credit when 80 percent wouldn't get it.

Mr Key said the ads were within the guidelines and he was surprised Ms King had raised them.

"That's a programme that affects 630,000 New Zealanders," he said,

"As of tomorrow they'll get $10 a week."

Mr Key said the ads were costing $600,000 compared with the $21.5 million the previous government spent advertising Working for Families.

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