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Harawira Says He Would Like To Kill Mallard After Roasting

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Fuseworks Media

By Ian Llewellyn of NZPA

Wellington, Dec 10 NZPA - Taunts from Labour's Trevor Mallard that Hone Harawira was betraying his people by supporting tax cuts have brought a blunt response from the Maori Party MP -- "I'd like to kill him".

Parliament has been sitting under urgency to pass laws including those that bring in National's tax cuts and changes to KiwiSaver.

The Maori Party has to support that bill because taxation issues are a matter of confidence and supply which the party's five MPs have to back under their deal with National.

Last night and again today, Labour MPs have repeatedly attacked the bill as they say it is less generous to low income people than those a new Labour government would have brought forward if re-elected.

Mr Harawira is known for his forthright views and colourful turn of phrase, and made it clear he did not enjoy Mr Mallard's roasting.

"I'd like to kill him, but quite frankly he has a point to raise and I agreed with a lot of the points he made."

Mr Harawira said he was still comfortable with the deal done with National.

"There are upsides and downsides to confidence and supply (deals), the downside is we have to support taxation rates as they are set annually."

Mr Harawira said he had a good response from his supporters to the deal because of the positive aspects it brought, while still allowing them to vote against measures it disagreed with.

The downsides of the deal had been validly pointed out by Mr Mallard but "I still want to kill him".

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