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Goff To Announce Shadow Lineup This Week

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Phil Goff
Phil Goff

Wellington, Nov 18 NZPA - Labour leader Phil Goff says his new line up of shadow ministers will be released this week.

Incoming Prime Minister John Key announced his Cabinet yesterday with a mix of new faces and old hands.

Mr Goff told Radio New Zealand he was willing to give all the ministers the benefit of the doubt and his party, like the public, would judge them on their performance.

Mr Goff said he had waited for Mr Key to reveal his ministerial line-up before looking at reshuffling his MPs, this would take place later in the week.

Former Labour leader Helen Clark and her deputy Michael Cullen stood down immediately after the election to allow a clean succession to Mr Goff and his deputy Annette King.

Mr Goff expressed doubts about National's nomination of Lockwood Smith as Speaker describing him as a partisan MP who had been controversial in the past.

It had not yet been decided whether Labour would take a symbolic stand and oppose Dr Smith.

But Mr Key today said National would plough ahead with the nomination regardless of Labour's stance.

In reference to Dr Smith's recent inflammatory comments about Pacific vineyard workers having to taught to use showers, Mr Key said everyone had made mistakes in their parliamentary career, but overall he was well qualified for the job.

"He is a very intelligent man and he is a very considered individual who I believe will show balance and the appropriate gravitas for that position."

Mr Key's newly appointed ministers are getting ready to be sworn in tomorrow and the cabinet will meet straight after that to hear what their prime minister expects from them.

Mr Key has appointed a cabinet of 20, with three ministers holding portfolios outside it.

On Sunday five other ministers were named, members of the minor parties he has negotiated support deals with.

The cabinet is made up of National Party MPs, 14 men and six women, and 14 of the ministers are new to cabinet.

When Mr Key announced his cabinet he emphasised the importance he was putting on the economy.

"I'm conscious of the backdrop of very challenging economic times, a weak global outlook with a need to protect jobs and to create opportunities through greater economic growth," he said.

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