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ComCom timeline for mobile termination report

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Wellington, April 27 NZPA - The Commerce Commission expects to take less than two months to reconsider whether telecommunications companies should be left to self-regulate mobile termination access services.

Communications Minister Steven Joyce has asked the commission to revisit its split decision on mobile termination, in which two commissioners recommended acceptance of Vodafone and Telecom's voluntary cuts to the rate, and one argued for regulation.

Mobile termination rates are charged by one mobile operator to connect with another network.

Mr Joyce said he had asked the commission to reconsider its recommendation after it wrote to him last week and said a new retail offer from Vodafone may affect the recommendation.

"The Commerce Commission indicated that a new retail offer launched by Vodafone on April 13 may be material and may have the potential to affect the basis for the commission's recommendation."

Mr Joyce said he would like the commission to consider any relevant retail offers before it makes its final recommendations.

The minister approached the commission yesterday.

Telecommunications Commissioner Rodd Patterson said the commission expected to complete its reconsideration by early June.

Vodafone said it would work with the commission to resolve its concerns as quickly as possible.

Interested parties have until 5pm on May 3 to submit relevant information to the commission, and a draft report will be released on May 12.

The commission began its investigation into mobile termination access services in November 2008, and made its recommendation to the minister in February this year.

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