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How To Vote From Overseas

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If you will be overseas at the time of the general election you can still vote by casting a special declaration vote.

Who can vote from overseas?

You can vote if you are enrolled and:

  • you are a New Zealand citizen and have visited New Zealand within the last three years, or
  • you are a permanent resident of New Zealand and have visited New Zealand in the last 12 months.

You can enrol or update your enrolment details online.

How do I vote?

Overseas voting opens on Wednesday 22 October.

Voting papers are not automatically sent to voters who are overseas. You cannot vote by email or return your voting papers electronically. If you are overseas at the time of this year's general election then there are four options open to you.

You can:

1. Cast an advance vote

If you will be in New Zealand from Wednesday 22 October, you can cast an advance vote at any advance voting place.

2. Download voting papers

If you are overseas and enrolled you will be able to download your voting papers from Wednesday 22 October. This is the quickest and easiest way to obtain your ballot paper. Please note this option is not available for people on the unpublished electoral roll.

3. Apply for a postal vote

You can apply to have voting papers posted to you. These are normally sent from New Zealand approximately three weeks before election day.

4. Vote in person

You will be able to vote in person at a number of overseas posts (.pdf, 38KB), including New Zealand diplomatic posts.
How can I check my enrolment details or enrol?

You can enrol or check and update your details online.

You can also:

If you would like a friend or family member in New Zealand to complete an enrolment form for you then they will need to be a registered elector and will need to print "Elector overseas - signed by their direction" on the form next to their signature.

If you would like the form completed by someone who holds a Power of Attorney for you then they must print "Elector overseas - Power of Attorney" next to their signature.
How can I find out more?

For questions about voting from overseas email

For questions about enrolling email

From within New Zealand call 0800 36 76 56

From overseas call +64 4 913 1346.

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