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How To Make A Special Declaration Vote

How To Make A Special Declaration Vote
Special declaration votes are made by registered electors who are unable to vote at a polling place in their own electorate on election day, or whose names do not appear on the printed electoral roll. Who can cast a special declaration vote?

How To Vote From Overseas

If you will be overseas at the time of the general election you can still vote by casting a special declaration vote. Who can vote from overseas? You can vote if you are enrolled and:

How To Make An Advance Vote

You can cast an advance vote if, for example, you're going to be away on election day, voting on Saturday is against your religion or would cause hardship or serious inconvenience. Who?

How To Vote - An Overview

Who can vote? Anyone who is enrolled by Friday 7 November can vote in the general election.

How To Enrol Before You Turn 18

You can make a "provisional enrolment" as soon as you turn 17 by making a standard enrolment application described under How to enrol to vote. On your 18th birthday you will be put on the electoral roll automatically.

How To Enrol From Overseas

I'm living overseas, am I eligible to enrol?

How To Enrol If You Are Māori

As a New Zealand Māori, or a descendant of a New Zealand Māori, you have the choice of enrolling to vote at parliamentary elections on a Māori roll or a General roll. Why is my choice important?

How To Enrol To Vote

Enrolling to vote is easy. You will not be able to vote if you are not enrolled before election day.  It is compulsory to be enrolled if you are qualified, although voting is optional. Can I enrol online?

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