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How To Make An Advance Vote

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You can cast an advance vote if, for example, you're going to be away on election day, voting on Saturday is against your religion or would cause hardship or serious inconvenience.


If you can't get to a polling place on election day you can cast a vote in advance if:

  • you will be outside the electorate or overseas on election day
  • an illness or other reason prevents you from going to a polling place
  • your religion does not allow you to vote on a Saturday
  • you can satisfy the returning officer or issuing officer that going to a polling place would cause you hardship or serious inconvenience.


You can vote in advance from Wednesday 22 October. Advance voting closes at 6pm Friday 7 November.


Advance voting places are available in your electorate. Check where your advance voting places are located now. This information will also be in your EasyVote information pack.

How it works

There are a number of options for voting in advance:

  • you can vote at an advance voting place in person
  • ballot papers can be collected for you by someone else
  • ballot papers can be sent to you in the mail

Contact the returning officer for your electorate if you would like ballot papers to be sent to you in the mail or collected for you by someone else. Ballot papers are available from Wednesday, 22 October.


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