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How To Enrol Before You Turn 18

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You can make a "provisional enrolment" as soon as you turn 17 by making a standard enrolment application described under How to enrol to vote. On your 18th birthday you will be put on the electoral roll automatically.

Why should I be enrolled?

Once you've turned 18 you must enrol if you are qualified to do so. Being enrolled gives you the opportunity to vote. Voting is your chance to have your say about which people and which political parties are elected to New Zealand's Parliament at each general election. You will also have the opportunity to vote at local council and district health board elections and any referendums or polls.

What happens to my signed enrolment form after I send it back?

Your registrar of electors will check to ensure it's filled in correctly. If it is, your name will go on the provisional electoral roll of the electorate you've last lived in for at least a month. We'll send you notification in the mail to confirm your provisional enrolment.

What happens when I turn 18?

On your eighteenth birthday you will be registered as an elector without the need for you to complete a further form. The registrar of electors will write to you to inform you that your application has been dealt with and that you have been enrolled.


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