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Peter Wilson: Labour Will Have To Prove Itself In Opposition

Labour MPs aren't saying it, but they must be thinking it: this year's election wasn't a bad one to lose.

Chris Ford: A Great Farewell Gift For Bush: Shoes

US President George W. Bush could not have received a more fitting farewell from an Iraqi journalist who spoke so eloquently on behalf of his fellow countrymen and women - a pair of shoes aimed at the dimmest mind in global politics.

Chris Ford: Osama Bin Laden Should Relocate To New Zealand

The disclosure in the Sunday Star-Times that the NZ Police's Special Investigations Group (SIG) has been spying on legitimate protest organisations and not terrorist cells should make Osama Bin Laden reconsider his living arrangements in the caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Peter Wilson: Election Has Delivered A Promising Parliament

Putting Parliament into urgency and passing two controversial bills last week was the best thing the Government could have done for the Labour Party.

Chris Ford: The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas - Thank You National!

The Grinch has truly stolen Christmas this year thanks to National.

Chris Ford: 90 Day Probationary Employment - Freedom For Employers, Not For Workers

The National Government began showing it's true colours this week when it announced that it was to rush through, under urgency, its 90 days employment probation legislation.

Peter Wilson: John Key's First Task: Saving The Economy

John Key says the economy is his top priority. In fact he's said it's his first, second and third priority.

He's going to need that tight focus because few incoming prime ministers have been tested in the way he's going to be during the months ahead.

Chris Ford: Keynesianism Lives!

In recent weeks the world has been experiencing the re-birth of a once discredited economic philosophy - Keynesianism.

Labour Won't Forget National's Promises

Some time early in 2010 John Key will be asked a question in Parliament: Can the prime minister tell the House how many New Zealanders emigrated to Australia in 2009?

Chris Ford: Are There Deeper Motives In The US 'War on Terror?'

This week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, has raised the question of whether there are continuing deeper motives behind the US's so-called 'War on Terror?'

Chris Ford: Can The Maori Party Survive Life With The Nats?

Chris Ford: Can The Maori Party Survive Life With The Nats?
The Maori Party has entered into a relationship, supply and confidence agreement with the National Party marking the first time in post-war history that a Maori political entity has entered into a political relationship with a centre-right party.

Get Ready To Rumble: New Parliament No Place For Faint Hearts

Wellington, Nov 23 NZPA - New ministers and their opposition shadows are getting ready to face each other in the debating chamber, and Parliament looks like being a lively place.

John Key's Brave New World

When John Key said he would form a government within a week it seemed an optimistic target.

He had to strike deals with two parties -- ACT and the Maori Party -- and glue on United Future leader Peter Dunne.

He has done it, and there hasn't previously been a government quite like it.

Captain Key Will Run A Tight Ship

Captain Key Will Run A Tight Ship
John Key has got what he wanted. National's leader and incoming prime minister will head a government with a clear majority and a mandate to make a fresh start.

NZ First's Loss Would Be National's Gain

NZ First's Loss Would Be National's Gain
New Zealand First's prospects of staying alive on Saturday aren't looking good. Winston Peters will almost certainly fail to regain the Tauranga seat. In a poll released on Sunday, National's Simon Bridges rated 54 percent support and Mr Peters 28 percent.

Labour Is Running Out Of Time

With just five days of campaigning to go Labour is still trailing National by a significant margin and a change of government is the most likely outcome on Saturday.

National Stays Strong But NZ First Could Cause An Upset

National still holds a commanding lead over Labour and NZPA's average of published opinion polls shows that with its allies it would have a majority in Parliament and be able to form a government.

Tactical Voting Could Decide Election Outcome

By Peter Wilson, NZPA Political Editor

A neat, almost stand-alone National-led government or a left-wing conglomerate stitched together by the Labour Party?

The Economy Is The Name Of The Game

Helen Clark says there won't be any expensive election promises from now on. John Key says he's got some room to move but it's very limited.

Crunch Time For Labour - It Has To Close The Gap

By Peter Wilson, NZPA Political Editor

As the campaign enters its second week Labour is under pressure to start cutting into National's strong lead in the opinion polls.

Labour Sets The Pace In The Campaign

By Peter Wilson, NZPA Political Editor

It's halfway through the first week of a four-week campaign, and Labour is ahead on points.

That's partly because Labour is the government.

It can do things. National is confined to talking about what it would do if it wins.