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Chris Ford: It's A Bird, It's A Plane!!!....No, It's Auckland, Super City!!!!

Anybody living in Auckland might soon be proclaiming those words after the National Government's announcement that Auckland is to become a super city following next year's local government elections.

Peter Wilson: It's Payback Time And Labour Has Been Given A Gift

During election campaigns, opposition parties always promise that if they win they will deliver open and honest government.

It will be more transparent and accountable than the party in power is delivering, they vow.

Chris Ford: Can the Nat's Make Up For Mad Max's Electricity Market Stuff Up?

This week the National Government's favourite Bovver Boy, Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee launched a ministerial inquiry into this country's now dysfunctional market-driven electricity sector.

Peter Wilson: Labour Wary Of Mt Albert By-Election

Probably before the middle of this year the MPs who effectively ran the last government, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen, will be gone.

Chris Ford: The Race For Mount Albert Begins

Amongst all the hoopla about Helen Clark being appointed as the new Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this week, there has been minimal commentary about the race for the Mount Albert electorate that will inevitably follow.

Peter Wilson: SOE Shake-Up Looms As Government Looks For Improved Performance

On April 9 the heads of 17 state-owned enterprises will be in the Beehive for a meeting they probably aren't looking forward to.

Chris Ford: Nats Going Back To Nineteenth Century With Charity Call

Prime Minister John Key's call for those fortunate enough to receive tax cuts after April 1st to consider donating them to charity is just another sign that the National Government is steering this country back to the 19th Century.

Peter Wilson: ACT Party Anxious To Keep Its Identity

Peter Wilson: ACT Party Anxious To Keep Its Identity
Less than four months after signing a support agreement with National, the ACT Party has set about ensuring it isn't forgotten between now and the next election.

Chris Ford: L Is For Liberal Or Labour?

Anybody who is a fan of British comedy might possibly recognise the name Harry Enfield. Enfield, in one of his BBC comedy sketch series, parodies an old British Liberal Party advertisement 'L is for Liberal' by substituting it with 'L is for Labour'.

Peter Wilson: No More Labour-Lite

During the election campaign it might have been difficult to tell the difference between National and Labour, but it isn't now.

Throughout last year, National under John Key carefully removed from the agenda issues which Labour could use to its advantage.

Chris Ford: ACC Scaremongering Shows Nats Ready To Privatise

In the last week, it has been revealed that the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) non-earners account is in deficit to the tune of $1.4 billion. This figure is projected out over a four year period and comes in the midst of the worst recession in recent memory.

Peter Wilson: Now The Government Must Make The Ideas Work

The jobs summit worked. It came up with ideas to save and create jobs.

Now the Government has to figure out how to make the ideas work.

Chris Ford: The Nats Are Truly In Honeymoon Mode - But For How Long?

The new National Government is in honeymoon mood as recent opinion polls attest - but for how long?

Peter Wilson: Govt Rides High But The Real Test Is Still To Come

An opinion poll released last week showed support for the Government had increased significantly since the election.

Peter Wilson: NZ First's Time Is Up

Peter Wilson: NZ First's Time Is Up
New Zealand First's chances of getting back into Parliament are just about zero. Perhaps some really exceptional circumstances might make it possible at the next election or the one after that, but the reality is that when parties are booted out, they stay out.

Chris Ford: Will Winston Make A Come Back?

Winston Peters will be hoping after New Zealand First's devastating electoral loss in November that he can repeat the feat of his Christian namesake and make a come back worthy of Lazarus.

Peter Wilson: Ministers Will Face Parliamentary Pressure

Peter Wilson: Ministers Will Face Parliamentary Pressure
The Government's measures to counter the impact of the international economic recession will come under close scrutiny from opposition parties in Parliament this week.

Chris Ford: Use Existing Laws To Get At Boy Racers

Peter Wilson: Bring In A Boy Racer Bill

It's time for the National-led government to put its money where its mouth has been for the last nine years.

The increase in violent crime during Labour's term in office was a valuable asset for National and it was used to good effect by the party while in opposition.

Chris Ford: Why Gaza Has Paid The Price

The Gaza war maybe over - for now. The reality is that the fighting will resume for one reason - Israel's ongoing occupation of Palestine.

Chris Ford: Is Obama Mania All Hype?

Peter Wilson: There's Only One Big Issue On John Key's Mind

Peter Wilson: There's Only One Big Issue On John Key's Mind
Recession? What recession? With the country still mostly in a holiday mood it doesn't seem to have sunk in that this year is going to be a really tough one.

Chris Ford: Action Needed On Jobs - Not Talk

Chris Ford: No Ma'am - The Case For Abolishing The Monarchy In NZ

Over the New Year's weekend, a Research New Zealand poll disclosed that a growing number of New Zealanders are wanting to do away with the monarchy.

Chris Ford: Israel Should Look To History And Stop Gaza Offensive

The Israeli air offensive over Gaza has been horrifying in both its share scale and disproportionality. Israel, being the world's only Jewish state, should look at its own history and that of the Jewish people to see that it is committing an erroroneous mistake in taking on Gaza.

Chris Ford: 2008-The Year Of Great Political Tests

The year 2008 has proven to be a year of great political tests for a whole range of reasons on both the domestic and international fronts.

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