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Chris Ford: New Booze Law Proposals Merit Further Study

This week the Law Commission released a discussion paper recommending a number of changes to our liqour laws in the wake of growing evidence that we are a country which has a terrible binge drinking culture.

Chris Ford: Political Hypocrisy Over Parliamentary Expenses

The release on Thursday of MPs travel, accomodation and expense claims makes interesting reading. In the wake of this year's jaw dropping expenses scandal in Britain, our politicians have been forced to follow suit and declare how they spend their taxpayer allocated funds.

Chris Ford: Paula Bennett Engaging In Fascist Tactics Against Critics

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett's decision to release information regarding the total benefit entitlements being paid to two Auckland Training Incentive Allowance (TIA) recipients, Natasha Fuller and Jennifer Johnston smacks of nothing short of fascist tactics.

Chris Ford: Getting Climate Change Policy Right

Over the weekend, Climate Change Minister Nick Smith told TVNZ's 'Q and A' programme that he thought that the 40 percent carbon emissions reduction target was not achievable and far too expensive. Instead he wants New Zealand to sign onto a lesser target of around 25% by the year 2050.

Chris Ford: Now The End Is Near For Progressives And Jim Anderton

Over the weekend few people may have noticed that the Progressive Party released a statement stating that it would not contest any future elections.

Chris Ford: Government Right To End Provocation Defence In Wake Of Weatherston Trial

Justice Minister Simon Power's decision to effectively repeal the partial provocation defence in murder cases is a welcome one in the wake of the trial by ordeal that Clayton Weatherston subjected his victim Sophie Elliott's family to in the Christchurch High Court these past three weeks.

Chris Ford: Would You Believe They Put A Man On The Moon?

Today, July 20th, 2009 marks the fortieth anniversary of humankind's first landing on the Moon.

Peter Wilson: It's The Same Old Winston

Peter Wilson: It's The Same Old Winston
It was all so depressingly familiar. Winston Peters tells New Zealand First members it is time for "a new beginning" and urges them to start preparing for the 2011 general election.

Chris Ford: Are Green Shoots Sprouting Within The Economy?

This week we have been assailed in the media by John Key and other economic commentators by the news that the economic recovery is supposedly near at hand.

Chris Ford: The Price Of Unemployment

Work and Income dole statistics published this week show that unemployment is definitely on the rise with the Government showing little inclination to do anything about it.

Chris Ford: Twenty Five Years Today Since Rogernomics And The Fourth Labour Government

It was 25 years ago today, July 14th, 1984, that I witnessed as a teenager one of the most transformative and ultimately disastrous moments in our political history - the arrival of the Fourth Labour Government and with it the free market counter-revolution heralded by Rogernomics.

Chris Ford: Kate Wilkinson's Decision To Call Folic Acid Review A Good Call

Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson's call to conduct a review of the previous government's decision to add folic acid into bread is a good call. I say it is a good call not only from a potential health and safety perspective but also from a disability rights one.

Why do I feel this way?

Peter Wilson: Peters Could Take The Stage Again, If He Wanted To

Peter Wilson: Peters Could Take The Stage Again, If He Wanted To
If Winston Peters really wants to get back into politics, now would be a good time. Halfway through its first full year in office, the Government has issues in front of it which are tailor-made for New Zealand First -- the foreshore and seabed, and bank interest rates.

Chris Ford: Laila Harre - Another Socialist Rose Wilts Before Capitalism's Power

Laila Harre's recent appointment as the new 'Human Resources and Change Manager' for the Auckland Transitional Authority (ATA) has raised eyebrows across the left in both Auckland and throughout New Zealand, given her current role as National Distribution Union (NDU) General Secretary and former All

Chris Ford: Paula Bennett's Appalling Give Away Of Disability Issues

Last week, a little noticed event happened in that Paula Bennett gave away one of her portfolios, Disability Issues, to Maori Party co-leader and minister outside cabinet Tariana Turia.

Chris Ford: Is Winston Peters On The Come Back Trail?

Yesterday, one of the longest and most perplexing political acts of silence in recent times came to an end. Winston Peters appeared on TV One's 'Q and A' programme in his capacity as New Zealand First leader to comment on the foreshore and seabed review group's findings.

Chris Ford: Repealing Foreshore And Seabed Law Is Way To Go

This week, the review into the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 reported back to Government and recommended the repeal of this inequitable and racist legislation.

Chris Ford: National's Privatisation Of Health By Stealth

This week Health Minister Tony Ryall announced that District Health Boards (DHBs) would now be able to utilise private hospital and health sector capacity in order to deliver services. What this move signals is the privatisation of health by stealth within New Zealand.

Chris Ford: Message To National - Don't Sell State Housing Stock

National's Housing Minister Phil Heatley last week announced plans to offer some of the existing state housing stock to tenants. While fine in principle, what this policy really means is the undermining of the public housing system as we know it.

Chris Ford: Welfare System Change Needed To Accomodate Tough Times

Debate is heating up about the unfairness and inherent sexism of the current social welfare system. This comes in the wake of people being denied the unemployment benefit if one of their partners is still working and earning an income.

Peter Wilson: No More My Nice Guy

It was always going to be only a matter of time before any semblance of a bi-partisan approach to dealing with the recession disappeared.

Chris Ford: Michael Jackson - A Capitalist Cultural Icon

You maybe wondering as to why I am blogging about the death of Michael Jackson on this political blog?

Chris Ford: Is National Becoming A Teflon Government?

Is National becoming a teflon government where nothing bad seems to stick to them? This is what the latest batch of opinion polls seems to be telling us.

Chris Ford: Putting Prisoners In Containers Not Humane

Call me a softy on law and order but the placing of extra prisoners in containers is not really humane.

Peter Wilson: A $9m Referendum - And The Result Won't Make Any Difference

Peter Wilson: A $9m Referendum - And The Result Won't Make Any Difference
Federated Farmers isn't an organisation that usually voices opinions on issues that don't have a direct impact on its members. It did last week, and it hit on something worthy of wide consideration -- the $9 million it is costing to run what has become known as the smacking referendum.

Chris Ford: Are Iranian Election Protests Being Supported By Western Intelligence Agencies?

There is no doubt that there has been large scale and unfair vote rigging against opposition Iranian presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi in last week's elections.

Chris Ford: Open University Entrance Should Apply For All With No User Pays Education

Last week Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples flew a political kite by suggesting that universities should apply an open entry policy in respect of all Maori students.

Chris Ford: Why I Am Voting Yes In Smacking Poll

At the end of next month we, as New Zealanders, will be asked the following referendum question:"Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

It is my intention to vote yes in this poll. Why?

Chris Ford: Is Our Health System Able To Cope With Swine Flu?

The main question on everyone's lips this week is how well are we prepared for the coming spread of swine flu into our communities?

Chris Ford: Mount Albert Result - The Winners And Losers

On Saturday night, the real game of the night was here in my hometown of Dunedin where the All Blacks received a narrow pasting from the French.

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