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Chris Ford: Civil Defence Needs To Get It Right!

The tragedy of last week's tsunami in Samoa and this week's earthquake in the Solomon Islands/Vanuatu region shows that Civil Defence needs to lift it's game.

Peter Wilson: Electoral Law And MMP Are Both In The Balance

Electoral law is on Parliament's agenda and the search for consensus on legislation to replace the Electoral Finance Act has started.

The Act, arguably the last government's worst blunder, was repealed in one of the first bills passed after National won last year's election.

Chris Ford: Is Bill English From Dipton?

The expenses row which has embroiled Bill English these past few weeks has raised one pertinent question - is he really from Dipton? Or is he a good ol' country boy who merely has settled in Wellington but yet claims to be from Dipton for official purposes?

Chris Ford: John Key's Real Top Ten Reasons For Going To New York

This week John Key introduced himself to the American people by appearing on the popular NBC TV 'The Late Show With David Letterman.'

Chris Ford: Farewell Sue Bradford, You Will Be Missed!

Sue Bradford's resignation bombshell has shocked many members of not only the Green Party but all those who wish for a better and more socially just society too.

Peter Wilson: ETS Deal Poses Problems For Labour

Well, so much for a grand coalition on the emissions trading scheme.

Grand shambles, more like, although there's more to this than meets the eye.

Chris Ford: 'H' Bomb Dropped On Whanganui - Hooray For That!

About two weeks ago, I blogged about Michael Laws and his insulting words to a kura kaupapa Maori immersion class at Otaki Primary School who wrote to him regarding the use of the 'h' word in Whanganui's name.

Chris Ford: From the Sublime To The Ridiculous - Larry Baldock's Referendum On Referendums

Yesterday, Larry Baldock presented his latest citizens initiated referendum petition wording for approval by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Chris Ford: Anti-American Imperialist Sentiment Behind September 11, 2001 Attacks

Last week I was not able to blog due to the fact that I have had a problem in changing over to a new internet service provider and consequently I missed the September 11th anniversary and the chance to blog about my views surrounding it on that very date.

Chris Ford: Why I Support MMP And Why National Should Break Referendum Promise

Last week John Key said that New Zealanders could now kick the tyres of MMP at the upcoming referendum on the system to be held in conjunction with the 2011 election.

Chris Ford: Undie 500 Shows University And City With Head In The Sand

As a mature student at the University of Otago, I just have to make comment on the events which transpired around the Undie 500 at the weekend.

Peter Wilson: Labour Sets Itself On The Road To Recovery

Peter Wilson: Labour Sets Itself On The Road To Recovery
Labour has managed itself surprisingly well since losing last year's election. For a party driving uphill against a popular government, its weekend conference in Rotorua was as good as it gets.

Chris Ford: Second World War Anniversary Should Make Us Think.....

The 70th anniversary of the commencement of the Second World War should make us think of the sacrifices made long ago and yet how all unnecessary they were from an historical perspective.

Chris Ford: Child Poverty Report Shows Fall Out From New Right Reforms Continues

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Report into the economic and social status of children across thirty countries shows that the fall out from the New Right reforms of the 1980s and 1990s continues.

Chris Ford: Michael Laws - A Real School Bully?

Today, it was revealed that Michael Laws had written a rude and dismissive letter to the mainly Maori pupils of Otaki Primary School in the Whanganui district (dare I add the 'h' word here for effect).

Peter Wilson: Key Makes The Hard Calls

Peter Wilson: Key Makes The Hard Calls
So who said John Key was a populist prime minister? No one, actually, but the suspicion had been there that he might be prepared to compromise policy to stay on the right side of public opinion.

Chris Ford: And The Roger Award Should Go To.....Telecom!

Recently, the Campaign Against Foreign Control Of Aotearoa (CAFCA) opened nominations for the Roger Awards, the annual award saluting the multinational company or state agency that has done the most to roger the New Zealand economy.

Chris Ford: Maori Seats Imbroligo Brings Out Act's Racist Side

The recent spat over proposals to create Maori seats on the new Auckland 'super city' council between National's support partners, Act and the Maori Party, shows the real racist side of Act.

Chris Ford: RIP Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy 1932-2009

Finally, the last of the Kennedy brothers, Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy has died at the age of 77.

Chris Ford: The Right In The Ascendant

This past Friday night, I enjoyed a few beers with one of New Zealand's pre-eminent political commentators, Chris Trotter.

Peter Wilson: John Key Faces A Testing Time

John Key's political skills will be tested on two fronts this week.

The first, and the most difficult, is whether there should be reserved seats for Maori on Auckland's new super city council.

Chris Ford: Gerry Brownlee Giving Us More Of The Same On Power

Last week Gerry Brownlee released the long awaited ministerial review of the electricity sector. Once again it gave us the same old, same old....more market-driven competition and even less state involvement in electricity policy.

Chris Ford: Health Sector Report Signals Another Restructuring And Privatisation

Late last week, Tony Ryall released the report of the Ministerial Review Group 'Meeting the Challenge' on the cost and other structural issues facing the health sector.

Peter Wilson: Cutting Emissions - It's Harder Than It Seems

If bets could be laid on New Zealand's chances of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent on 1990 levels by 2020, the odds would be extremely high.

Chris Ford: Parliamentary Bad Boy Behaviour Not On - Time For Parliamentary Standards Commissioner

'Bad boys, bad boys, what 'ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?'

That is the well known reggae-style theme to the popular reality trash TV show 'Cops'. Perhaps it could be better applied to our current Parliament where bad boy behaviour has come to the fore again lately.

Peter Wilson: Beneficiary Bashing Is Off The Agenda

One sure thing that will come from the uproar over MPs expenses is that none of them are likely to criticise beneficiaries in the foreseeable future.

Chris Ford: Don't Send Our SAS To Afghanistan

This week John Key signalled that he was seriously mulling over whether or not to send the NZ Special Air Services (SAS) to Afghanistan to assist NATO and US troops in their fight against a resurgent Taliban. I say that the Government shouldn't do so.


Chris Ford: Sixty Four Years Since Hiroshima And Nagasaki - Lest We Forget

Today, August 6th, marks the 64th anniversary of the dropping of the first nuclear weapon, in wartime, over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Chris Ford: Labour Party And Phil Goff In Peril

One of the biggest opinion polls in New Zealand, the TV One-Colmar Brunton poll has just delivered another savage blow to Labour and its leader Phil Goff.

Peter Wilson: Catching Up With Australia Will Be A Huge Task

When National was in opposition, one of its favourite topics was that Helen Clark said in 1999 her aim was to raise New Zealand's living standards into the top half of the OECD.

She failed to do this, and was frequently reminded of that in the run-up to the last election.

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