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Chris Ford: A Great Farewell Gift For Bush: Shoes

US President George W. Bush could not have received a more fitting farewell from an Iraqi journalist who spoke so eloquently on behalf of his fellow countrymen and women - a pair of shoes aimed at the dimmest mind in global politics.

Chris Ford: Osama Bin Laden Should Relocate To New Zealand

The disclosure in the Sunday Star-Times that the NZ Police's Special Investigations Group (SIG) has been spying on legitimate protest organisations and not terrorist cells should make Osama Bin Laden reconsider his living arrangements in the caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Chris Ford: The Grinch Has Stolen Christmas - Thank You National!

The Grinch has truly stolen Christmas this year thanks to National.

Chris Ford: 90 Day Probationary Employment - Freedom For Employers, Not For Workers

The National Government began showing it's true colours this week when it announced that it was to rush through, under urgency, its 90 days employment probation legislation.

Chris Ford: Keynesianism Lives!

In recent weeks the world has been experiencing the re-birth of a once discredited economic philosophy - Keynesianism.

Chris Ford: Are There Deeper Motives In The US 'War on Terror?'

This week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, has raised the question of whether there are continuing deeper motives behind the US's so-called 'War on Terror?'

Chris Ford: Can The Maori Party Survive Life With The Nats?

Chris Ford: Can The Maori Party Survive Life With The Nats?
The Maori Party has entered into a relationship, supply and confidence agreement with the National Party marking the first time in post-war history that a Maori political entity has entered into a political relationship with a centre-right party.