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KiwiSaver Calculator

This KiwiSaver quick calculator will show you, based on your current income and age: The amount you will invest weekly, your employer's contributions from 1 April 2008, your employer contributions after 1 April 2011 (including 3 yrs salary inflation), your tax credits in the first year, your fee subsidy in the first year, your total fees subsidy at 65 and the total you will have saved at 65.

Notes on this calculator

  1. The calculator is designed to give you ballpark figures only - in other words, they won't be exact to the last dollar.
  2. You don't need to use a dollar sign or a comma when putting in dollar amounts. Example: 10500 not $10,500.
  3. Results are in today's dollars – this means that any amount you pay or receive in the future will have the same buying power as this many dollars today.
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