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Are Inflation-Proof Bonds Suitable For Mum And Dad Investors?

As a general principle I do not think that the government's inflation-proof bonds are suitable for the average mum and dad investor. There are several reasons:

Is There Such A Thing As A Good Financial Adviser?

Or are they all salespeople in disguise?

Should I Invest In Capital Gains Tax Exempt Passive Funds?

I've had a moderate NZ share portfolio for some years. Partly on your advice, I've invested in a passive fund that has earned tax exempt capital gains.

Should We Buy, Or Should We Rent?

My husband is 65 years and myself 61 years. We have had busy careers, my husband with a large company in Auckland and myself a nursing career as a registered nurse.

How Do Bonds Differ From Term Deposits?

We are a lower income couple in our earlier sixties with a mortgage-free home and modest savings towards our retirement. We understand the importance of having our assets diversified, but we are still not very clear about the place of bonds.

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