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Where Should I Buy An Investment Property?

Where Should I Buy An Investment Property?
It is obvious that we are in the grip of a recession. This creates an opportunity for investors to capitalise on the recession and enter the property market.

Unit Trust Is Closing - What Can I Do?

Unit Trust Is Closing - What Can I Do?
In 2007, as part of a medium-term strategy for my retirement, I invested a considerable sum with ASB Unit Trusts. The sum invested was spread over the following trusts: Money Market, NZ Fixed Interest, NZ Property, NZ Shares, World Fixed Interest and World Shares.

What Are the Pros And Cons Of Bonds Versus Bank Term Deposits?

What Are the Pros And Cons Of Bonds Versus Bank Term Deposits?
Can you explain for all inexperienced investors the pros and cons of bonds versus bank term deposits?

I'm Moving Cities - Should I Sell Or Rent?

I'm Moving Cities - Should I Sell Or Rent?
I am moving away from Auckland to care for my mother very soon. I own a freehold property in Auckland worth $330,000.   I am renting it out through an agent, as I would prefer to stay in the housing market. I don't have a need to buy a house to live in where I am going.

Will Active Or Passive Investment Funds Produce Better Returns?

My understanding is that over the long term, passive funds do better than the average of active funds. Is that right?

Will I Get Better Investment Advice From Advisers Who Charge Fees?

While I am sure many consumers will welcome your proposed list, I think it should be made clear that just because an adviser charges a fee rather than receiving remuneration by some other means, that is no guarantee the advice will be sound and appropriate.

Seeking Investment Advice: What's Better, Commission Or Fees?

So you think if financial advisers charge fees that will solve everything. I have spoken to several advisers that have moved to fees only. They have all sacked their smaller clients.

How Risky Are Perpetual Preference Shares?

ASB, Origin Energy and Rabobank perpetual preference shares with annual interest resets seem to be a risky investment.   I feel this was unclear in the original prospectuses.

Are Preference Shares A Good Investment?

When I retired in 2003, I went to the ASB for advice as to what to do with $250,000 proceeds from selling a business. An ASB investment adviser, who was a salaried employee who received incentives according to sales made, recommended ASB preference shares, and that is where I put it.

When Can I Expect The Value Of My Preference Shares To Rise?

I have always considered preference shares had two attributes compared to ordinary shares in that they have more assured dividends and should be less volatile.

Do Fund Managers Have The Authority To Change Asset Types?

Do managers of managed funds have the authority/ability to change the asset allocation if the market changes? For example, a lot of canny investors retreated to mainly cash late last year and avoided most of the losses that others who stayed in the market suffered.

Does NZ Invest More In Investment Property Than Other Markets?

Does NZ Invest More In Investment Property Than Other Markets?
I frequently hear and read commentators saying, usually with a degree of disapproval, that collectively New Zealanders invest too much in residential property, have a love affair with rental property investments, etc.

What Should We Do With The Deposit We Have Sitting In The Bank?

My wife and I are in our mid-40s and we have two children, 12 and 10. We live on my income as a teacher (around $60,000) plus receive a Working For Families top-up of about $200 a fortnight. We spend $360 a week on rent.

How Hard Is It To Get On The ASIC Register?

I have been approached by a company called Winston Pride & Associates which is listed with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Should I Convert My Investments To High-Quality Bonds And Cash?

Should I Convert My Investments To High-Quality Bonds And Cash?
I've heard before: "If you are within 10 years or so of spending your savings, move it out of shares, property and other risky assets into high-quality bonds and cash."

Is Rental Property Always A Good Investment?

Is Rental Property Always A Good Investment?
I am concerned about the unfortunate investor in retirement or approaching retirement who chances to have his/her life savings invested in the markets at the time a slump occurs.

Should I Buy Or Sell Kiwi Dollars?

I have a HSBC Hong Kong bank account as I have worked overseas for a number of years. I am now back living in New Zealand but still have around $50,000 in this account.

Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Managed Funds?

I heard you talking on the radio this week about New Zealand's dismal D-minus rating in the recent Morningstar report on Global Fund Investor Experience research. What does this actually mean? Should I be staying out of managed funds and sticking to rental property?

Are Classic Cars A Poor Investment?

Classic cars are a very poor investment. With the current economic turmoil, people are looking for safer investments, and some are buying up classic cars in the hope that these vehicles will gain in value. My advice is: don't.

Which Investment Should I Choose: Bank, Shares or Classic Cars?

I am a 20-year-old apprentice mechanic, a member of KiwiSaver and have a term investment of $10,000 coming due next month.

What Investment Mix Is Right For Me?

My friend has just signed up for superannuation and told me she has invested her contributions four ways - 25 per cent conservative (cash); 25 per cent moderate (cash plus fixed interest); 25 per cent balanced (shares plus cash/fixed interest); and 25 per cent shares.

What's The Best Approach To Investing In Growth Assets?

We are a couple in our mid-30s and are contemplating investing our tax cuts - about $140 per month - in a growth asset such as shares.

Should I Sell My Shares?

I've been thinking about whether it makes sense to hold on to shares and wait for the upturn, or sell now. 

Should I Stop Contributing To My Pension Fund In Tough Times?

I am 61 and in a private pension fund. Over the past two years I have lost more than I put in. Should I cease my contributions and place those in a savings account till the times get better and then put them back in the pension fund?

Should We Invest With Family?

We have a mortgage of approximately $200,000 with a bank, at approximately 7 per cent. My in-laws have money invested at a bank with interest at approximately 5 per cent.

Should I Invest In A PIE Or Term Deposits?

Say I have a personal income derived solely from New Zealand share dividends in the $40,000-$70,000 range (gross dividend total). Thirty-three per cent will already have been garnered in the form of imputation credits, so I will have been over-taxed.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Investing In PIEs?

What are the pros and cons of this PIE investment opportunity that all the banks are advertising?

Govt Guarantee On Deposits: Should I Invest With A Finance Company?

Given the government guarantee on deposits, am I better to take my money out of a lower interest bank deposit and put it in a higher risk finance company with a higher interest rate now, if that finance company is government guaranteed?

How Can I Invest Ethically?

I own no stocks but would like to know if it is possible to invest "ethically" (for example, no armaments companies or greedy pharmaceuticals) - whether through KiwiSaver or elsewhere.

Should I Sell My House?

My house is my biggest investment and it is my lifelong saving. [Reserve Bank governor] Alan Bollard has said that house prices may fall 13 per cent. Would I be better off renting a house than owning one? Should I cash out and keep the cash in banks and invest in Aussie dollars?

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